The Power of Video Marketing

The Power of Video Marketing in the era of user generated content (UGC). The consumer has been given large exposure to mass volumes of content and in very rapid successions. And it seems companies who are agile with less bureaucracy seems to be winning the race for attracting consumer attention. How so? Because these smaller companies are able to produce content faster and in many cases with the same level of quality compared to their much larger competitors.

Is your company positioned to compete, attract and retain consumer attention? To do so you’re going to start producing better video content. Why video? Because it provides more than photos. To put it shortly, video is motion, and motion create emotion. With video content you’re able to share more details with your audience and make them feel apart of you. As a tip, try splitting your contents as 60% videos and 40% photos. If you need help on strategizing your video content the points below should help as a guide.

Quality Matters

Video marketing is heavily dependent on visuals. Therefore ensure that you video is of the highest quality. Thankfully you do not need to have expensive gear to shoot in HD or even 4K. While there are advantages of using top gear, the truth of the matter is that you can get similar output quality using your smartphones.


It’s sort of a contradiction. Whereas people want to know more but doing so in as little as time as possible. attract your audience’s attention and keep them engaged, try to keep your video under 1 minute. While there are instances whereby a well detailed lengthy video is necessary; for the most part, a majority of the videos which your target will see and interact with are more informational or for branding purposes and as such please keep them short and to the point.


You can have the best video in the world, with amazing visuals and transitions but if the audio is bad no one really cares. Unfortunately this is where your smartphones built in microphone just won’t cut it. To get the best audio require special equipment and some expertise in sound engineer. This is why it makes sense to hire an agency or outsource the work to skilled third party specialized in the subject matter.

Closed Captioning

In a go–go–go era where we are constantly busy many people don’t have time to watch a full video. And in many cases they will access your video in an environment where they cannot have the sound on. For example, they might be watching your video in their office or cubicle. A great closed captioning allows for your target audience to effectively consume the context of video without the need to have the sound turned on.

Know Your Target

There is nothing more damaging to your marketing efforts than to spend hours and thousands of dollars producing content which your audience does not appreciate. Not necessary because your content is bad in value or quality but because it does not resonate with the people you’re targeting. It’s missing context, it lacks solving their problems and it does not identify with their pain-points. 

Hope this was helpful. If you would like more information related to this article or would like us to assess your video marketing needs please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.