Influencer Marketing – Avoid being scammed by asking these 5 crucial questions.

Influencer marketing seems to be the hottest trend at the moment. But the truth is there are very dark sides to it and here is why.

For starters just about every visible metric on social media can be botted/faked. With that as a premise, you can believe that most people do fake these metrics in order to increase the value of their brands perception. Solution: The best way to mitigate your risk of falling victim to working with an influencer whose engagements might be fake is to ensure that you ask the right questions upfront. Here are 5 questions to ask to avoid being scammed when using Influencer Marketing


What is your daily and weekly reach count? Every serious influencer should be able to provide you this insight without any push back. The reason this is so important is that the reach metric is the only performance indicator which cannot be faked.


How often do you rank for the hashtags related to your niche? Now the truth is that ranking in the top 9 for a given hashtag requires a lot of engagement depending on the hashtag being used. If it is widely used and popular hashtag, the more engagement needed to rank for it. However, a solid influencer should be able to rank for a hashtag applicable to their niche. If the influencer hardly ever ranks for a hashtag that’s a red flag.


Have you in the past sponsored a post for a brand similar to mine and if so what we the results? While the name of such previous brand can remain confidential, the influencer should be able to share with you such results. Again here you should most focused on the reach power of the influencers profile for that specific post. If makes no sense that the post had 10K likes but only a reach of 5K. That should be a reach flag. This means that the influencer faked their engagement to create a false perception.


How many followers do you gain per day and per week? The aim here is to see how relatable their account is. An influencer who shares relevant and relatable content within their niche should see a continuous growth in follower count. Of course anyone can just buy followers on a daily or weekly basis to appear popular. That is why I highly encourage you to use a site called to verify their growth trend. Look out for sudden irregular spikes in follower growth, that’s usually an indication of fake followers purchased.


What were the engagement rate on reach for your last 3 posts? The engagement rate on reach is probably the most important metric on social media but hardly does anyone know about it. Because everyone is so busy chasing likes. The engagement rate on reach of a particular post is a measure of the reach of that post against the number of actual users who engaged with the post after it reached them. Unfortunately, you won’t find this metric within the Instagram app and most analytics apps do not have it measure but we do at umalic – Start your free 7 days trial to see it in action. Notice that the reach is not the impression – which is the number of times (cumulative) a particular post is seen. The reach out the engagement rate on reach is so important is because as I mentioned earlier the reach the true measure of performance as it cannot be faked.


Reach – the number of unique accounts who have visited your profile or seen any of your posts.
Influencer Marketing – Leveraging the exposure and or influence of an individual or brand to draw awareness and or persuade the purchasing decisions of a target demographic.