Houstom Marketing Agency

If you own or operate a business in Houston and are struggling to draw exposure to your business, you should consider hiring a local Houston marketing agency. Very often most businesses make 2 crucial mistakes in terms of marketing and branding. And as we all know a product or service does not sell itself – therefore a great marketing strategy is crucial.

Mistake No. 1 — Relying heavily on Foot Traffic and Word of Mouth

If your reliance on foot traffic alone is your key strategy for marketing; you are going to fail. Many businesses assume that the nature of great service alone shall enable them to be competitive in their niche. And in some sense providing great service helps a ton but great service alone isn’t enough. To standout as a local favorite and household name you need to tell people more about who you are and what it is exactly you do. This calls for strategic marketing both in the digital space: Social Media and Web and also through local events. And you’re going to have to do so on a frequent enough basis in order to create a psychological association of what you do and who you are. In the sense that at the mention of your brand name, or seeing your logo consumers immediately identify who you are.

Mistake No. 2 — Hiring a Remote Marketing Team

While there are slight instances where it makes sense to do so; for example budget related constraints which forces you hire a freelancer at lower rate. For the majority of the time however, I would strongly advocate that you hire a local Houston marketing agency. This is very important to the long term strategy of your brand’s marketing vision and this is why.

(A) When you hiring a local Houston marketing agency, you empower their creative thought process because for one: they are familiar with your city and its environment, demographics and trends. Having a local sense of your business environment is huge in terms of being able to craft marketing and branding content which will resonate with the natives of  your city, town or zip code.

(B) A local Houston marketing agency shall have access to your business and your work environment. This allows them to create content for your business using real content which reflects your business. Removing the need of using stock images or videos. While there is nothing wrong with using stock content; there is nothing like using real content of yours which is a true identity of you and your business.

(C) The power of human touch. Nothing can replace the authenticity of interacting in person. No AI advances or Machine Learning can replace the power of human interaction. So by hiring a local Houston marketing agency you empower not just your creative insight but overall the creative journey of you and your marketing team. Nothing beats the ability for your marketing resources to be present in the same room brainstorming and hashing out strategy. Phone calls and web conferences while elements of convenience; are not capable of replacing the advantage of face to face collaborations. A good marketing strategy is a long term plan; executed in segments and phases; working cohesively to meet the objectives of the larger vision. Therefore having your creative team and you collaborate in person creates a huge advantage for strategy sessions and project sprints.

While I understand that there are a few reasons why it makes sense to settle for a remote marketing team — I would strongly advocate you highly consider hiring a local Houston marketing agency you can enjoy the advantages aforementioned.

If you have any questions or concerns which you feel we might be able to assist you with please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. If you otherwise have no questions I hope that at the minimum, you thought this article was helpful and if so please feel free to share it with your peers.