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If you own or operate a business in Houston and are struggling to draw exposure to your business, you should consider hiring a local Houston marketing agency. Very often most businesses make 2 crucial mistakes in terms of marketing and branding. And as we all know a product or service does not sell itself – therefore a great marketing strategy is crucial.

Mistake No. 1 — Relying heavily on Foot Traffic and Word of Mouth

If your reliance on foot traffic alone is your key strategy for marketing; you are going to fail. Many businesses assume that the nature of great service alone shall enable them to be competitive in their niche. And in some sense providing great service helps a ton but great service alone isn’t enough. To standout as a local favorite and household name you need to tell people more about who you are and what it is exactly you do. This calls for strategic marketing both in the digital space: Social Media and Web and also through local events. And you’re going to have to do so on a frequent enough basis in order to create a psychological association of what you do and who you are. In the sense that at the mention of your brand name, or seeing your logo consumers immediately identify who you are.

Mistake No. 2 — Hiring a Remote Marketing Team

While there are slight instances where it makes sense to do so; for example budget related constraints which forces you hire a freelancer at lower rate. For the majority of the time however, I would strongly advocate that you hire a local Houston marketing agency. This is very important to the long term strategy of your brand’s marketing vision and this is why.

(A) When you hiring a local Houston marketing agency, you empower their creative thought process because for one: they are familiar with your city and its environment, demographics and trends. Having a local sense of your business environment is huge in terms of being able to craft marketing and branding content which will resonate with the natives of  your city, town or zip code.

(B) A local Houston marketing agency shall have access to your business and your work environment. This allows them to create content for your business using real content which reflects your business. Removing the need of using stock images or videos. While there is nothing wrong with using stock content; there is nothing like using real content of yours which is a true identity of you and your business.

(C) The power of human touch. Nothing can replace the authenticity of interacting in person. No AI advances or Machine Learning can replace the power of human interaction. So by hiring a local Houston marketing agency you empower not just your creative insight but overall the creative journey of you and your marketing team. Nothing beats the ability for your marketing resources to be present in the same room brainstorming and hashing out strategy. Phone calls and web conferences while elements of convenience; are not capable of replacing the advantage of face to face collaborations. A good marketing strategy is a long term plan; executed in segments and phases; working cohesively to meet the objectives of the larger vision. Therefore having your creative team and you collaborate in person creates a huge advantage for strategy sessions and project sprints.

While I understand that there are a few reasons why it makes sense to settle for a remote marketing team — I would strongly advocate you highly consider hiring a local Houston marketing agency you can enjoy the advantages aforementioned.

If you have any questions or concerns which you feel we might be able to assist you with please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. If you otherwise have no questions I hope that at the minimum, you thought this article was helpful and if so please feel free to share it with your peers.


Yes, you read that right. You should be obsessed with content. Quite often business owners and leaders tend to think of their business, their brand and the contents used in marketing, branding and sales as individual elements operating independent of one another.

When in fact all these attributes work collectively to form the public perception of their business. Which in many ways, these perceptions could either create public desirability for their brand or a total disdain for it.

It is imperative for brands to implement a content lifecycle methodology. Even if it is as simple as a checklist. This ensures you have a framework to reference content creation against. Ensuring that you’re enforcing and reinforcing the critical messages and qualities of your brand in every piece of content your release. Your content lifecycle framework should at minimum include the following pillars:



    The Content must be emotionally aligned with the target audience. Depending on the intent of the content, it could trigger happiness, sadness, urgency or regret. And along those lines, the consequences of inaction.


    Every content you create should have an element of relatability to something or someone. Do not leave the context of contents message open ended or worse open to interpretation. Be intentional.


    Make it measurable. Without the attribute of time, the target audience not will act in a timely manner. If your intent is to have them act within a certain time frame.


    Be clear as to what you need them to do; but in a manner which comes across as providing help and not as sales person. Because the general notion is that no one likes to be sold. Of course not every content is intended to sell. Some content are intended to be informational or educational and if so, the same rule still applies.


    Use strong words, particularly verbs. Use colors desired by the masses. The goal is to make the content feel personal.


    Be specific as to who your target audience is. Aiming to please everyone is a guaranteed way to fail at content creation and subsequently content marketing. Be specific and be concise.

  7. VALUE

    In the end, all that truly matters is value. Are your providing value? Even if you get the first 6 pillars right but fail to provide value you’ve failed at creating the ultimate content. You should always be valued oriented and all else will fall in place.

Hope this helps you reconsider your content strategy and to help you build a robust content lifecycle framework.

It is an unquestionable fact, that social media is a dominant force all things media and information considered. Here are 5 tips for creating social media content that resonates with your target audience.

Successful brands leveraging this new frontier of information exchange fully understand the power it carries and equally so they have mastered the ability to create and share content which captivates and retains their audiences attention. Attention Retention is the ultimate holy grail of all media forms but most important it is the holy grail of social media; a world in which 3 seconds is considered a long time. And for most brands they goal is the capture and retain attention from first through the end of the content/context — be it audio, video or visuals. So how do you go about creating content that captures and retains attention? Here we go below:


THE SEE AND REACT ELEMENT: The core basis to consider when creating content for social media is based on the element of “see and react”. Which is the ability for the media form to immediately strike a curious nerve in its viewer that causes him or her to react to it. This can be in the form of the titles or headings, coloring, or distinctive sounds. Such elements of curiosity should always be at the first 3 seconds of the video or must be the focal point of the image.


PURPOSEFULLY COUNTER POPULAR BELIEF: In an intentional yet subtle manner present a point of view which is the opposite to what is thought to be true by most people. Of course you don’t want to be too far outlandish but at the same invoke a perspective which challenges the status quo while still tickling the curiosity of the audience to further stay engaged. These are usually in the form of your captions which should be no more than 8 to 10 words. The longer the caption the higher the bounce rate — when your audience keep scrolling or X out of the content. Less is also better.


BE OBSESSED WITH RELATABILITY: This is the area in which small firms outperform their much larger counterparts. Bigger and well established firms struggle with this as they are contained in the thought of always coming across perfect and professional. In the world of social media authenticity rules. Your ability to showcase and share relatable interactions is fundamentally core to rate at which your brand perception expands. There has never been a time more critical as today whereby consumers are more concerned as to “what is in it for me?”; “essentially how does this concern me?”. And rightfully so. If your target group are men in their late 20s to early 30s who are into entrepreneurship; then present your content in a manner that speaks to free thinking, casual dress down work environment, and onsite happy hours. And not perceptions of men in tie and polished leather shoes. Your ability to be authentic and excessively relatable is your key to organic growth on social media.


MAKE IT ABOUT EXPERIENCES NOT FACTS: When you speaks facts people will tune you out but when you share experiences they can’t get enough. Your social media feed should be a virtual story board, carefully curating experiences that tell a story. Stories and experiences which your audience can relate to. If people wanted facts, anyone can go google it. But there is a reason why they followed on social and it is to live through the lens of your experiences; experiences which they can relate to.


MAKE IT ABOUT THEM NOT YOU: A common mistake observed on social media is to think that your contents are about you. When in reality it is about your audience. It is a system in which your followers demand a certain type of message, emotion and value from you and it is your duty to supply their needs. Because if you do not, they will find someone else, worse yet a competitor to follow who might offer what they need plus more. Your entire posting habit should be thought of as an evergreen experiment — to discuss the likes and dislikes of your followers. And then evolve and adapt overtime as their demand of you changes; perhaps due to trends, competitor presence or just plain old feedback loop. The content should always be about your audience.

Do you have any content hacks of your own? We would love to hear them. Feel free to share below.